Our farm is dedicated to producing the highest quality Organic Grapes and Pears. 

We currently offer a wide variety of Organic Grape varietals including heirloom varieties like Agawams and Fredonias, which often ripen a full month before our Concord grapes do.

We also grow a variety of Organic Asian and European Pears, including Bartletts & Anjous in our European orchard and Niitaka & Shinko among our Asian varietals.

Our Certified Organic Status and our friendly service has carved out a niche for us in the Eastern US Organic Produce Market, allowing us to provide the best tasting, fresh, organic grapes and pears to our regional clients and local customers.

We call the Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt home. This unique region is a 60 mile long narrow strip of land 2 - 6 miles wide bordered by Lake Erie to the Northwest and the Allegheny Plateau Escarpment to the Southeast   The micro-climate provided by adjacent lake provides the ideal climate for growing many varieties of fruits, especially grapes.

Our fruit is available at our farm, please call to set up an appointment to"pick-your-own", or find our fruit at one of the region's premier farmers markets which is supplied direct from our fields to market.

The Lembke Farm is a pioneer in organic farming in the region; producing one of the finest crops of Certified Organic Concord Grapes & Organic Pears anywhere on the east coast. 

We also supply Tuscarora Organic Growers Cooperative with our produce and they distribute to the Philidelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC Metro areas. Tuscarora Organic Growers (TOG) was founded in 1988 when three neighboring organic fruit and vegetable farmers  in Pennsylvania came together to address a need. After becoming overwhelmed by requests from food co-ops, retailers and restaurants for their produce. They soon discovered that by working together, they could coordinate crop production to complement one another rather than compete.  The cooperative form of business fit the farmers’ needs, allowing ownership and market access to be divided fairly and decisions to be made jointly.  And through cooperation, the growers were able to serve their customers better, by providing a diversity of crops and a level of service that no one grower could provide on his own. 

In TOG’s first season, seven growers moved about 1,500 cases of produce to Washington DC retailers over a five-month period.  Since then, each successive season has brought steady growth in sales as well as diversity, season length and professionalism.  In the coming season, our twenty-sixth, TOG will work with 44 member producers and an additional 15 or so growers to bring over 100,000 cases of produce from farm to city, offering locally grown, certified organic produce all 12 months of the year.

And we are proud to utilize  SF Organics as one of our primary forms of Organic Plant Nutrition

SF Organics is a division on Schafer Fisheries located in Thomson, IL. Their Organic, Sustainable, Environmentally-Friendly, Biologically-Alive Products have contributed to the consistent quality of our produce.

Taking a deeper interest in our soil and plant health is at the heart of growing organic, and knowing that the nutrition that SF Organics provides is sustainable, symbiotic and organic makes it a product that we rely on. We have noticed marked improvement in soil biology, soil health, plant health and plant biology ever since using their products.

Please contact us if you would like to set up an appointment to purchase SF Organics for pick-up from our farm.