IT MAY-----

May 7, 2018
    Its-- MAY-- And its looking Good------!!! April was cold and rain and Snow here--Was the 5th coldest and most snow on Record--May so far is look like a Bumper Crop of Pears --They have just started to Blossom --- > A little late but the 10 Day forcast shows warm temps and no Cold Freeze nights to kill the Blooms ----[ LOOKIN GOOD ] >    Grapes and trimmed and ready to Go-----and Hope we have a Great Crop----So-------------Good News -----Will keep you updated ----OH Peas are in all so-----YEH-!! ----------Talk to you in June--- 

APRIL ---????

April 6, 2018
   Well --Its April and it still snowin-----Its good for me because were behind because I was gone all winter out west----But it was a good thing to get away after 40 years on the farm-----Things are ok here and will get caught up-----As I said a few post back --We are starting to look at selling the farm Looking for someone to take it over for the 2019 season -- If you know of some one send us a email   -> 
                                                           Have ...
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January 3, 2018
     Hello All---- Its January and its cold in the North East and the Lake Affect Machine is doing its thing making Lots of Snow [up to 5ft in some places---Will keep you all up dated as we head towards spring-----STAY WARM---- 

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November 3, 2017
    We want to Thank you All --For  Making our Growing and Harvest Season a Success ---!!  For the first time in 40 years we are going take some time and do Something's-- [Stay out of the Cold and The STUFF]---I will be writing on the Blog from time to time -----Also I am sad to say we are going to sell the Farm here in the future -- [ Is Time ] IF Someone is Interested it is going to be sold with all equipment / ALL Accounts Buyers/ House --- I would train ---and go threw first season ----An...
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Still Have CONCORDS----

October 16, 2017
       YEP --We still have Concord The Weather has been just right ----No Frost-----or Snow or Heavy Rain----Will be Open for  U-PICK Till Sunday the 22nd   --- CaLL Me on my Cell and let know your Coming 716 640 5614

                                       THANKS -----------------crsig

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October 3, 2017
       We still have Concord Grapes till the 15th ----And Asian Pears-----Call me on my cell 716 640 5614------------

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September 20, 2017
      U- PICK >>CONCORDS WILL START-----THE 26TH ----PLEASE Call us to let us know your coming--- 716 640 5614----

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September 5, 2017
     Well the month has started out with the Table Grapes not having the Sugars as high as they need to be so we could start picking this week------And we had a bad storm go threw last night and snap off 2 Pear Trees and there's a couple Bushel of Pears on the Ground ----Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-----THANKS MA NATURE----!!!    --- But I could be in Texas--and have nothing---Concord Grapes are coming along my guess for U-Pick is about the 24th of the month-----I am still LOOKING FOR Grape Pi...
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August 15, 2017
      Its here-----And Stuff starting to ripen----Pears ---and early Table grapes----We will be in full Craziness SOON

       NEW ----We will be doing a new thing here ---for the USDA-----GAP----It is a program that is for food born ILLNESS --That is required of most farms --- > In short we will be asking you to wash you hands and if you are sick before you enter or Upick on our farm
  The FDA & USDA has made it a mandate for us ----Sorry-- - Please Help US TO Do what THEY Ask

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Sorry no July Letter----

July 25, 2017
     Yep no July note ---Had farm PC go down---back on line-----!  Every thing is growin a lot of rain and have more disease and fungus show up ---Time for double fish fertilizer back to back-----Weeds are TOTALLY Happy perfect conditions for they and so Flame them and not keeping up --I will get them under control----!!!
    Will  get a note up date in August ---Good lord willing        --- craig

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