Still hot Humid and in Drought

August 4, 2018
  Hi All-- Still Stickie hot and humid Got 2.5 inch of Rain a week ago but with our sandy soil It wasn't in the ground long ----Haven't mowed lawn in 2 week ---But what I call Bing Bongs that stick up all over need mowed ---Grapes are coming along and look like Concords will be ripe in their regular time of Sept 20th or so-----We Are looking for Grape Pickers ----And 1 a Helper to work will me ----You can call me at 716 640 5614 or email me  > 

                                               Thanks ----craig 

July ---HOT --HUMID --AND ---!!

July 13, 2018
    YEP -- Its been Hot --/ Humid +++++++ and not Helping things --Lot of Disease floating around in the air---Give'S me A Pain and  Having problems --Using Hydrogen Peroxide to kill Power Mildew and Black Rot ----Hope we can get it under control---Have had to start Watering Pears and Sweet corn----THANKS MA Nature------Till next time --Enjoy the summer ----!!      
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Its June and the Grapes Are Bloomin-----

June 11, 2018
    Is a normal June --Weather is perfect --For the Grapes to Bloom and Flower-----Here is a picture of a Grape bunch Blooming----Not very pretty are they---!!!Till July everyone a have a good JUNE---
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IT MAY-----

May 7, 2018
    Its-- MAY-- And its looking Good------!!! April was cold and rain and Snow here--Was the 5th coldest and most snow on Record--May so far is look like a Bumper Crop of Pears --They have just started to Blossom --- > A little late but the 10 Day forcast shows warm temps and no Cold Freeze nights to kill the Blooms ----[ LOOKIN GOOD ] >    Grapes and trimmed and ready to Go-----and Hope we have a Great Crop----So-------------Good News -----Will keep you updated ----OH Peas are in all so-----...
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APRIL ---????

April 6, 2018
   Well --Its April and it still snowin-----Its good for me because were behind because I was gone all winter out west----But it was a good thing to get away after 40 years on the farm-----Things are ok here and will get caught up-----As I said a few post back --We are starting to look at selling the farm Looking for someone to take it over for the 2019 season -- If you know of some one send us a email   -> 
                                                           Have ...
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January 3, 2018
     Hello All---- Its January and its cold in the North East and the Lake Affect Machine is doing its thing making Lots of Snow [up to 5ft in some places---Will keep you all up dated as we head towards spring-----STAY WARM---- 

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November 3, 2017
    We want to Thank you All --For  Making our Growing and Harvest Season a Success ---!!  For the first time in 40 years we are going take some time and do Something's-- [Stay out of the Cold and The STUFF]---I will be writing on the Blog from time to time -----Also I am sad to say we are going to sell the Farm here in the future -- [ Is Time ] IF Someone is Interested it is going to be sold with all equipment / ALL Accounts Buyers/ House --- I would train ---and go threw first season ----An...
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Still Have CONCORDS----

October 16, 2017
       YEP --We still have Concord The Weather has been just right ----No Frost-----or Snow or Heavy Rain----Will be Open for  U-PICK Till Sunday the 22nd   --- CaLL Me on my Cell and let know your Coming 716 640 5614

                                       THANKS -----------------crsig

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October 3, 2017
       We still have Concord Grapes till the 15th ----And Asian Pears-----Call me on my cell 716 640 5614------------

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September 20, 2017
      U- PICK >>CONCORDS WILL START-----THE 26TH ----PLEASE Call us to let us know your coming--- 716 640 5614----

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