Its April ------

April 5, 2019
   YES It April-----And you haven't heard from us in a while --But we are still here and hard at work--More that ever---As you probably have seen or heard the Farm & House is up For Sale &  ->>> LOCK STOCK & Barrel with Equipment-- Supplys - All Accounts we sell to --Ready to GO  --REASON-??  Retiring after 41 years / A New First Grandson --Is Just plan Time--!!!  
  For more Info ----Go to Howard Hanna Real State----MLS # R1178899   Or give me  a call  --> Craig 716 640 5614    

Contact Info for the House & Farm

January 17, 2019
    CELL 716 640 5614---- email   
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More House and Farm Infomation----

January 17, 2019
      Oh how I Hate it when I Push the wrong Button-----Ok The farm is 4 Sale Lock -Stock & Barrel---All Equipment to operate --&All Accounts we sell too --- The house is move in Ready -- with 3 bed rms --2 large bath -office - Large kitchen / living room area---If interested ----Email me ---   Or call my cell at  716 640 5614----- THANKS ----craig----
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Its January --And Febuary is Next --The will be On The Market

January 17, 2019
     Yep January ---And We have been busy Trimmin Grapes and Paintin the inside of the house---OH Im so tired of Paintin--
     The info on the House and Farm is ----Would like to sell it Lock Stock &

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NOVEMBER---Chilly and Wet---

November 6, 2018
    Hello All ----Its November already ----Was a abnormal October with lots of rain warm temps and As Of Today we haven't had a frost so trees have most of there leaves which could be bad if we get a wet snow and the tree catch the snow and down come the limbs and branch and Knocks the power out---
  Grape picking packing was done the 2nd Oct & Upick was over the 10th of October because of 5 inchs of rain and 80 day temps --Was not the best season we ever had 

    Things are still on track for ...
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September 23, 2018
   HI ALL ---
    What a Season this has Been---The earliest Ripening Of Our Table Grapes and Concords in the 40 Years we have been Here On The Farm with Concords starting on the 12th of Sept-- [ The usual time is About 24th]   
   With Highs in the mid 80's to 90 some days --Our Hand picking crew hung in there and we worked half days till lunch and Quit  OH IT WAS Terrible HOT---This last Pick Packing was on 21st because of the Quality went down hill so badly --As some of you know the Grapes a...
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September 8, 2018
    Hello  Concords will be ready the 15th of sept ----Due to the Hot Humid Weather they are about a week a head---UPick price is the same $ 1.00--- [PLEASE Call and lets us know you coming] --- --If you need some picked call us  
                     Thanks    craig    716 640 5614

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September 5, 2018
      Were looking for Grape Pickers for out Concord Grape crop--Part time or full time on call---Starting about 20th of Sept to Oct 6th--or so

                   Call 716 640 5614    craig 
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August 27, 2018
   Things here ARE A Little Ahead of Sked--Grape are a week ahead of their normal ripening time and out table grape are going to be picked next week ---Still is HOT Humid which isn't good it makes Disease grow like mad ---Maybe you notice that bread in the bread box has been molding quite fast ---Lot spores in the air and the hot humid make grow really fast 
   Not much news here ---WILL Post when Concords will be ready-------Later------ craig

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Still hot Humid and in Drought

August 4, 2018
  Hi All-- Still Stickie hot and humid Got 2.5 inch of Rain a week ago but with our sandy soil It wasn't in the ground long ----Haven't mowed lawn in 2 week ---But what I call Bing Bongs that stick up all over need mowed ---Grapes are coming along and look like Concords will be ripe in their regular time of Sept 20th or so-----We Are looking for Grape Pickers ----And 1 a Helper to work will me ----You can call me at 716 640 5614 or email me  > 

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Craig Lembke Craig has owned and run the Lembke Farm for decades with his wife Janet.