HI ALL ---
    What a Season this has Been---The earliest Ripening Of Our Table Grapes and Concords in the 40 Years we have been Here On The Farm with Concords starting on the 12th of Sept-- [ The usual time is About 24th]   
   With Highs in the mid 80's to 90 some days --Our Hand picking crew hung in there and we worked half days till lunch and Quit  OH IT WAS Terrible HOT---This last Pick Packing was on 21st because of the Quality went down hill so badly --As some of you know the Grapes are very sweet but good full bunches are here and there---
    Sorry  to all of you But ---> Global Warming is what is going on --Ma Nature is Not A Happy Girl---And she is Showing Us all--Coast to Coast---Wild- Fires Rain -Hot- and Drought --With ALL of Everything Else---- 

   OK The Change of Plans---We will be Selling the Farm--Putting IT on the Market In February [ We have been here 40 yrs] -----Reason IT'S Just Time --A New First Grandson--And no more SNOW >>>65 YEARS Is Enough--!!!! 
    -->> Details >> Selling Lock-Stock and Barrel --House- Barns Grapes Pears all Equipment--  All land- All Accts that we sell to --I will mentor and teach the running of the Organic Farm in the Price of the Sale ---The Farm has pay the mortgage all these year and im sure I can do the same for the next Family---You can contact me ---At this > email  craig@lembkefarm.com       Thanks and I will still be Bloging  on thing website     craig