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We Have Little Bunches and Small BB'S

Posted by Craig Lembke on Tuesday, June 24, 2014,
   Ok we have BB Size Little Grapes-------Agwam's --Some Fredonias  - And a large crop of Concords---But No Seedlesss --- Some of you Folks probly saw that some Of the Fancy Wine Grape were hurt by the Cold Winter --Seedless are pretty sensitive and were hurt ----Thanks Ma Nature -------!!    So that whats up--- Will see how Grapes look at Pea Size
                                                Have good Summer Season -------craig...
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Mother Natures Is The BOSS

Posted by Craig Lembke on Saturday, June 7, 2014,
   Yes she is ---

 Due to her Crumby decision to make 76 Degs for the Pear Bloom on the first day and Then cold nights and days in the 50's and 40's with rain to Top it OFF--- The Bloon and Polnation was Bad---And we have VERY Few Pears This Year --Sorry Folks---

   ITS called Climate Change--And it getting WORSE ---Ive seen i coming  for the Last 20 years---I The Picture with this --Is 1 of maybe 10 Pear on the tree --

  The Grape Bloom is coming up in about 5 days --Will see what MA Nature let...
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