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Its Going To Be A Long Cold Spring

Posted by Craig Lembke on Tuesday, March 25, 2014,
   Hi All---- Its going to be a long cold spring Lake Eire is Froze over the worst since 1908 --With Huge Pile Ice 30 feet high and 500 feet long----With us being only a few miles from the lake its going to keep us cold much longer --But well make it
       If you near one of the Great Lakes ---Stay warm
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Time To Get To It--

Posted by Craig Lembke on Friday, March 14, 2014,
      Its time to finish trimming Grapes and pruning Pears Trees --Most of the winter has been to cold --But we have gotten out there off and on and have over half of every thing trimmed --Its been a tuff winter for out side work--- But as the Weather man said the sun is to high in the sky for it to last much longer-- 
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