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To All Of Customers ---Who Want to Come Pick Grapes

Posted by Craig Lembke on Friday, September 26, 2014,
       Every one is Very Welcone  to come pick Grapes   --But Were not around all the Time-- We Pick hundreds of Caees of Grapes during the season For Whole Foods and Other markets and make and Deliverys  To get 35-40 tons of grape picked    
    We need 3 Things--- You Folk --My Pickers-- And The Machine Picker to everything harvested 

       So If you would give a call or a email --- 95% of the time i sure we will say Yes---Come on Down And Pick--- 

                                Thanks   ...
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Concords Open Next Wedneday 9/24

Posted by Craig Lembke on Saturday, September 20, 2014,
   Yes The Are Sugars UP --- And we will Open On  Wedneday the 24th---

   You will need to call to tell us what Day and Time you would like to Come --We need you folks to Call because we have a crew of people Picking for our Market Accts >>Like Whole Foods and Others-

      But we have a Large Sign we put out In front of the Farm says U PICK --If we arent Busy Picking Orders

     Grapes are $ 1.00 A Pound U-PICK --> And $2.00 a Pound If we Pick Them  - .If you what to Pick Large Amounts Th...
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Fredonia's picked & Agawams Split

Posted by Craig Lembke on Wednesday, September 17, 2014,
   We got 1 1/2 inchs of raln last night ---And it split the berrys on the Agawams bunches --We saved 25 cases they were junk buy 12 noon----So were got a picking crew together Picked the Rest of the Fredonia  grapes got them in the cool before we lost them also

   Concord;s are ok but  dropped  there sugar Brixs a 1/2 point  ---I stilll think they will be ready for the 27th of sept --

                                            Check  the blog for up dates            craig...
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The Fredonia Grapes Are Ready

Posted by Craig Lembke on Friday, September 12, 2014,
   The first  Grapes are Ready For a Short Time Saterday 9/13 TO 9/17 -----Give us a call or email and tell us when You would like to come Pick or Pick some Up--- Also Agawans will start Saterday the 20th    --  We Think Concords will start Saterday 9/27----For at least 2-3 weeks --Hopefully till October 11th  ---Give us a call or email   716 640 5614 or

                                       Thanks ------------craig...
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They are getting Ripe

Posted by Craig Lembke on Monday, September 1, 2014,
    A lot of you Folks are emailing and call us --When are the Grapes going to be Ready ---There getting there --Bu wet Dont want you to Have Sour Grapes---We take Sugar Test every few days ---

                Stay Tuned to out Blog here on out web site      Thanks   craig
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