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WERE Hungry Feed US---!!

Posted by Craig Lembke on Friday, May 29, 2015,
      The Voices have been in the air [100.000 or So] --Thought It Might be My Imagination ---BUT  NOPE ---ITS Time to Feed the Grapes And those LITTLE Grape Bunch That are 1 1/2 Inchs long [And Complain ] SO i mixed them up A Fish Fertilizer Cocktail --With Boron and put it in the Air Blast Sprayer and we Sprayed till --> 11 PM  --  TALK About Happy --There saying  GOOD Things This TIME---!

     In about 10 day they will be IN Bloom and we will see How the Winter[- 38 f Below] Really did to t...
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ITS Warmin Up--And The Rest Of The Story-???

Posted by Craig Lembke on Sunday, May 10, 2015,
       Hi Everyone-----It's May and we feel like Were on The edge of our Seats --Listenin to  a Paul Harvey Radio show--[THE REST OF THE STORY
       Bud are Swellin-- Weeds are growiin and Were at the farm work as always cause-- Big Crop or Small or None At All the work has to be done
       So in 3 Weeks we will Know The Rest OF The Story  
         Below Pictures -Spreading Compost - Killing Weeds---And Replaceing Post -WHAT HAS TO BE DONE

                               Wish us Luck-----...
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