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August 19th General--Up Date

Posted by Craig Lembke on Thursday, August 18, 2016,
   Hello All ---------Just a up date the Table Grapes are 3/4 ripe and Concords have a Berrys on the bunches turning here and the So they have started  the Ripening Process----Will up date the BLOG when  Upick will start  [[ PLEASE Call Us To Let Us Know You Would Like TO Come  >> 716 672 2367]]  --Also We are still looking for a Few more Grape Pickers to round our crew -- Part time ---Or Full TIME---Will be about 2-3 week shot of working --We pay very Good wage $$  

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AUGUST--Things Are REAL Dry-- But Still Good

Posted by Craig Lembke on Monday, August 1, 2016,
   No rain since May-- Have watched the rain go above and below us time after time----Thank the Good Lord we bought a farm with a pond and springs that run in to it and our house well---WE Are still Irrigating every 3-4 days 15.000 gals a time-
    GRAPES --Theres a large crop and going to be sweet like candy---Expect grapes to be early --Starting in the end of this month -->Fredonia's -Agawam's -- Buffalo;s  -- 
  With the drought were getting calls because theres not a lot of fruit out there ...
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