Yep as always there never enough time in June -- This post is late --The lawn --The weeds pop up over night and are 2 foot tall the next time you look at them--!!  
     As far as How Do things look in the fruit side of things --- GOOD The Pears have Blossomed and Pears are Thumb size and at the point of what they call June droppers ---Grapes --Fredonia's Just started to blossom yesterday and that starts the whole blossom Sked with Buffalo's --Agawams--- and Concord's starting in about 7-10 day depending on the weather----
    How are the Black Rot Spores that destroyed the grape crop last year---WELL we have talked to Penn State 3-4 times over the last few months got tips--suggestions --and a plan going -----[[Which is Declaring War on the Little -->>!!@#%+*^$#&*&!!!!!! -- Blank S O B 'S ]] --
    The Cure is to Bury the Liittle Dudes by Disking and Hilling up under the Vines ---         And a Special Email From Adelaide Recsearch Center of Australia -- For the Research Paper on Flaming --Heating the little guys with our Weed Flamer --TILL They are Fried----So we have put a long hours and many extra miles on the tractor and equiment --WE hope it Works !!   Im VERY Determined --!!!      SO That about covers and brings things up to date for the Start of June-----Have a good growing season to all you folk and grow some Great Thing for your table-----Take Care -- craig