The first Of Our Table Grapes are Just starting to ripen---And the Birds know it--!! We tryed about every thing -They destroyed The Agawam grapes about 70% unpickable Last Year-----SO we have Bought netting --10.000 feet---And have about 2000 feet to go to put on--But it will keep  them OUT ----
       The weather has been cool and the grapes are not ripeing are fast as usual --The Fredonia Grapes look like they may  be ready the first week of Septenber and The Agawam' s --Niagaria 's-- Ready  some were there Shortly there after --Concord Grape are look like starting the 23th of Sept --If WE get some Warm Weather 
     The price is the same on the Concords --$ 1.00 # U-PICK --And the Table Grapes are $ 2.00 #

            Also as we have said I will have very few Pears - Ask OK --My wife Gets first dibs --!! 
     So--- I will be posting on our Blog when i think every rthing will be ready--So check back and see whats up

                                   Thanks -----------Craig