Yes The Are Sugars UP --- And we will Open On  Wedneday the 24th---

   You will need to call to tell us what Day and Time you would like to Come --We need you folks to Call because we have a crew of people Picking for our Market Accts >>Like Whole Foods and Others-

      But we have a Large Sign we put out In front of the Farm says U PICK --If we arent Busy Picking Orders

     Grapes are $ 1.00 A Pound U-PICK --> And $2.00 a Pound If we Pick Them  - .If you what to Pick Large Amounts The Price Drops----You call us >>>> 716 672 2367 And leave a message or call my cell 716 640 5614

                 The Grass is Mowed all Pretty In VineYards ---Were Ready For you FOLKS---