Hi ---- Its May and the Weather Man said we had the wettest April on Record-----Its not helping Anything that goes on around here --Its cold it wet we had a 80 day and some 70's --IT Is 46 f right now----With the 10 day saying 50's and MORE Rain  ----And i just got a cold ------>Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr--!!       Pears are Bloomed and Done All ready and dont feel like were going to have much of a Crop-----   Grapes are Just sitting there Budded out a little -----And for my garden its TOO Wet to put Peas in----Grrrr!!   So------That's the wonderful May Report UP Date
      Keep us in mind and tell Mother TO Cut the Crap and be Mad at some One else ----Hope all is better were ever You Are---Take Care ------------craig