Yep it's Over --- We Have been At It since August 20th when we put the new Bird Netting on and Shortly after that picked differnet varitys of grapes till this last Saterdayand the Machine Picker came in----

    I Want to Thank you folks for coming and U picking --And Also to my Pickin crew that picked 1100 cases OF Grapes and >> = 13.200 CLAM SHELLs OF Grapes that were PICKED And went to markets all over PA --NY - Maryland and DC--  And a Special Thank to my wife Janet for not Shooting ME---I couldnt do it with out HER

    Couldnt have done it with out all of you -----Thank You  It makes the whole years job from trimmin the grape in the winter to fighting the fungal diease all summer----worth the crazyness 

         PS ---->> Some one caught the tractor driver that Pulls the Grape catching Cart 
 SLEEPIN ---Well I WAS WHOOPED!!          ITS DONE FOR Another Year     Thanks again     craig