YEP Its that time of year again --You have here me talk about Drought & And no Rain --Were still in that stage of the game---A  Total of 11.035 inch for the year --About 10 inches behind for the year---And heat that wont stop-- Still 80's and makes it hard to work out in the grapes 
   Talkin about Grapes --Have been getting LOTS of Calls -->> WHEN Are the Concord's going to be Ready--??   Well --I think the 21st --24th ---Email us at or call 716 672 2367 and give us a day and a time you would like to come 
         There are Lots and  Quality is the Great--!!! U PICK IS A $ 1.00 a LB  ---WatchTHIS  Blog For when there ready 

                 See ya soon -----------craig