HI ALL--- Yep Its May and ITS Just not Good --Cold and Rain Today--Pear Trees have been in half blossom for 2 weeks with 2 nights of 29 degrees and not quite warm enough to finish the process of bloom during the day -- And I'm afraid that the Blossoms are just going to ROT ---I know you Folks are tired of me saying there no Pears for you this year ----We will see--!?
   We have had such out the norm weather in the last 6 months ---A very Mild Winter ---Letting -BUGS & Disease make it threw the winter that usually die in the winter cold----We had a explosion of the planted & released Asian Lady Bug last fall Thousands trying to get into the House last fall --- And they did-- We been killing them for the last 2 months in the house --They Bite and Stink and have big appetite for fruit --They were released 30 years ago BY THE USDA  ---GRRRR--!!
Grape Buds are just starting to pop are half the size of a pencil eraser ---Just finished spreading Grape Pumis  and the first ground drench of Fish Fertilizer in the Grapes Vineyard & Pears Trees---  Im afraid it going to be A Hill Battle this year again with Mother Nature and Global Warming-----ITS VERY NERVE RACKING---But were at it Again --I wish all Farms good luck this year------  I will keep ya in the Loop with Junes BLOG---  craig