Yep --The Lion Came In-- at 50 mph wind Temps in the 60's and a HIGH of 77 F --And today 17 F as a Cold front came in --Am Afraid That the Pear Tree Buds have opened just enough that If we get Drop into the Low Single numbers 5 Degs we will have inner fruit bud damage-----Grape Buds are good and didn't swell------IF Anyone Knows Mother Nature and is on good terms with HER --Ask her if she could make Things a Little more normal ----
   Beside that we are coming along with Vineyard work doing the Vine after Vine Trimming thing we do each year --IS My Least Favorite thing to do here on the Farm---ONLY About 3000 to Go Out of 7000 Plants--Would like to ask anyone That Has seen my Magic Wand To Bring it Back --Please--!!!------------That's About it  WE have been having some real Pretty Sun Sets----