Hello All

   No matter what  goes on here at The Farm --Some Thing or Some One  Is Alway in Control ---As you all know Mother Nature has given the whole World Her Very Best in Troubles----Heavy Rains---Terrible Floods --Snow and Cold--She is not happy with were doing to HER EARTH---
   As i said earlier and Just Terrible Disease Problem that we Couldnt keep up With ---And even the Chemical Farms had to put lots more spray on that normal and some are still fighting-- See [Wikipedia Black ROT] 
     What up here--??? A 8 QT Basket of Pears due to the 38 below zero out  77 trees ---- We have a scatter crop Of Concords --We are NOT Going to pick and pack because the Bunch Quailty is so bad -- Some bunch 5 - 10 berries some 2 or 3-----YOU are Welcome to call us and come pick at a reduced price --It will take you a lot longer to fill that 8 quart basket----call my cell 716 640 5614  ----This i the first time in  36 years i have lost a Crop----Keep watch on out farm blog and  we will keep you up to date----Thanks All----craig