Hello All ----Its November already ----Was a abnormal October with lots of rain warm temps and As Of Today we haven't had a frost so trees have most of there leaves which could be bad if we get a wet snow and the tree catch the snow and down come the limbs and branch and Knocks the power out---
  Grape picking packing was done the 2nd Oct & Upick was over the 10th of October because of 5 inchs of rain and 80 day temps --Was not the best season we ever had 

    Things are still on track for putting the Farm on the market 4 Sale in February---Same Deal here we would like to sell Lock Stock And Barrel --Meaning All Equipment and Proof of All Account's that we sell to --And Me Offering to Teach and Mentor How to run The Organic farm --Also This is a money making farm That Can / Could Pay the Mortgage --  You can contact me at 716 640 5614-- OR  craig@lembkefarm.co
  I WILL Be keep up the BLOG and letting everyone know what up so you will know what up as far and picking packing and UPICK for 2019 -----THANKS FOR Another Good Season Couldn't have done it with out all of you -!!