MARCH COMES In Like a Lion

March 3, 2017
    Yep --The Lion Came In-- at 50 mph wind Temps in the 60's and a HIGH of 77 F --And today 17 F as a Cold front came in --Am Afraid That the Pear Tree Buds have opened just enough that If we get Drop into the Low Single numbers 5 Degs we will have inner fruit bud damage-----Grape Buds are good and didn't swell------IF Anyone Knows Mother Nature and is on good terms with HER --Ask her if she could make Things a Little more normal ----
   Beside that we are coming along with Vineyard work doing the Vine after Vine Trimming thing we do each year --IS My Least Favorite thing to do here on the Farm---ONLY About 3000 to Go Out of 7000 Plants--Would like to ask anyone That Has seen my Magic Wand To Bring it Back --Please--!!!------------That's About it  WE have been having some real Pretty Sun Sets----

The 12th Of Feb-- Aready ----

February 12, 2017
    YES---- Its the 12th already and times flying per usual -- We did get down cold to 11 deg so the Grape and Pear buds have got there shot of cold to get them ready for spring ---Has been abnormal winter----We will seen what spring brings--Hope no there no Frost to damage Buds March will be here soon----take care ---------craig
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January 24, 2017
   Yep ---Month is flying and MOMS Aren't any better-----Had a warm spell --Melted all of the snow ---Now going to get cold and saying Lake Effect this weekend --OH I hope the is going to mess the spring bloom on the Pears Trees----HOPE You all are staying away from the FLU----   TAKE CARE ---craig
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November OK-- Then December--Things got Worse

January 2, 2017
       Hello all----Havent posted in a few months  -- December was a when it Rains It Pours ---We lost family on both sides and friends that passed a way in November In to December----- And had moms on both sides slip and fall and bust and break bones with surgeries and rehabs still going on ----Was not a good end of 2016 
     But January is looking up here and things are get better --Expect to start Trimming Grapes soon --I hope it stays Quiet ---JUST A SNOWIN AND BLOWIN
I will up date in Feb...
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October 6, 2016
    Hi All ---Next Wednesday The 13th Is The last day for Grapes ---It has been a Unbelievable Season --HOT --Drought --and were still 13 inch behind in rain --I thought the Grape would last only a week or two --But were on our 3rd week
  Our Market Buyers have called and called and we picked and picked to the tune of over 11 TONS OF Grape we Hand packed ---And You Folks kept calling and picking --Theres 6 Days left and were Done For the season 

             Thanks to all my Pickers and All My...
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THERE---!! READY----!! Concords----

September 17, 2016
          Yes The Concords Are Ready----The Sugar Brix Scope says So----Plus Me --MY Wife ----And A Couple of my Picking People --Say So TOO-!!!
    We will be Open for U PICK --->Monday morin 19th at 9.00 am --till you Folks Dont want them anymore -OR Mother Nature says we cant-----
  PLEASE--! I need you to call and give me a time and a day--your coming --Because there aren't whole lot of you folks that come to pick daily--And we have a crew picking - me included for our Acct's 
   CALL ME ON ...
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Sorry Only MOTHER Nature CAN

September 10, 2016
   Hi all--      Thanks for all the calls and the emails asking-- When Are the Concord going to Be Ready--As i said --I THINK Around the 20th Sometime   -- The Grapes need rain --[ we have had very Little ]  to complete the cycle of ripening along with the hot weather --The Grapes are but arent doing there thing totally--We WILL GET THERE ----SUGARS ARE Rising Slowly-- 
  So were get ready makeing packing boxes LOTS   Talking about Boxes --We are not going to have many free boxes for picking f...
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IT.S Sept

September 3, 2016
 YEP Its that time of year again --You have here me talk about Drought & And no Rain --Were still in that stage of the game---A  Total of 11.035 inch for the year --About 10 inches behind for the year---And heat that wont stop-- Still 80's and makes it hard to work out in the grapes 
   Talkin about Grapes --Have been getting LOTS of Calls -->> WHEN Are the Concord's going to be Ready--??   Well --I think the 21st --24th ---Email us at or call 716 672 2367 and give us a day ...
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August 19th General--Up Date

August 18, 2016
   Hello All ---------Just a up date the Table Grapes are 3/4 ripe and Concords have a Berrys on the bunches turning here and the So they have started  the Ripening Process----Will up date the BLOG when  Upick will start  [[ PLEASE Call Us To Let Us Know You Would Like TO Come  >> 716 672 2367]]  --Also We are still looking for a Few more Grape Pickers to round our crew -- Part time ---Or Full TIME---Will be about 2-3 week shot of working --We pay very Good wage $$  

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AUGUST--Things Are REAL Dry-- But Still Good

August 1, 2016
   No rain since May-- Have watched the rain go above and below us time after time----Thank the Good Lord we bought a farm with a pond and springs that run in to it and our house well---WE Are still Irrigating every 3-4 days 15.000 gals a time-
    GRAPES --Theres a large crop and going to be sweet like candy---Expect grapes to be early --Starting in the end of this month -->Fredonia's -Agawam's -- Buffalo;s  -- 
  With the drought were getting calls because theres not a lot of fruit out there ...
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