June And The Weather is Still COLD And Wet

June 9, 2017
      We Have Started June out cold ---Gardens --Grapes -And just about everything is behind here ----BUT iT SAYS Its going to warm up in a few day to the 80's---So---It witll get hot and go the other way----It always the way with the Climate Change Thats going on ----
       We have a Sparse Pear Crop --Again due to the cold wet bloom and a frost of 29 degs --Grrrrrrr-!! --Grapes will be in bloom in a day or so and Time will tell what kind of a crop we will have ---Not Much else going on here Just Farmin And Keeping my Fingers Crossed
                               HOPE ALL IS Good in your Garden or at you Home ----

Im late Again Its May 3RD

May 3, 2017
     Hi ---- Its May and the Weather Man said we had the wettest April on Record-----Its not helping Anything that goes on around here --Its cold it wet we had a 80 day and some 70's --IT Is 46 f right now----With the 10 day saying 50's and MORE Rain  ----And i just got a cold ------>Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr--!!       Pears are Bloomed and Done All ready and dont feel like were going to have much of a Crop-----   Grapes are Just sitting there Budded out a little -----And for my garde...
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Its April ---And ------ ! ?

April 4, 2017
   Hello All
      Its April and were busy as always with few Extra's Going on beside farm work---We are putting a new Tin Roof in the house --Needed it badly-----
     And in out Table Grapes were string 2 more wires to each row so we can keep the crop in the middle of the trellis and cover it better with our netting to keep the birds out  
    Also we are a seller of bulk Fish Fertilizer of course that was just delivered  -[22 -55 gal barrels --- So were not lacking for anything to do around h...
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MARCH COMES In Like a Lion

March 3, 2017
    Yep --The Lion Came In-- at 50 mph wind Temps in the 60's and a HIGH of 77 F --And today 17 F as a Cold front came in --Am Afraid That the Pear Tree Buds have opened just enough that If we get Drop into the Low Single numbers 5 Degs we will have inner fruit bud damage-----Grape Buds are good and didn't swell------IF Anyone Knows Mother Nature and is on good terms with HER --Ask her if she could make Things a Little more normal ----
   Beside that we are coming along with Vineyard work doin...
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The 12th Of Feb-- Aready ----

February 12, 2017
    YES---- Its the 12th already and times flying per usual -- We did get down cold to 11 deg so the Grape and Pear buds have got there shot of cold to get them ready for spring ---Has been abnormal winter----We will seen what spring brings--Hope no there no Frost to damage Buds March will be here soon----take care ---------craig
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January 24, 2017
   Yep ---Month is flying and MOMS Aren't any better-----Had a warm spell --Melted all of the snow ---Now going to get cold and saying Lake Effect this weekend --OH I hope the is going to mess the spring bloom on the Pears Trees----HOPE You all are staying away from the FLU----   TAKE CARE ---craig
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November OK-- Then December--Things got Worse

January 2, 2017
       Hello all----Havent posted in a few months  -- December was a when it Rains It Pours ---We lost family on both sides and friends that passed a way in November In to December----- And had moms on both sides slip and fall and bust and break bones with surgeries and rehabs still going on ----Was not a good end of 2016 
     But January is looking up here and things are get better --Expect to start Trimming Grapes soon --I hope it stays Quiet ---JUST A SNOWIN AND BLOWIN
I will up date in Feb...
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October 6, 2016
    Hi All ---Next Wednesday The 13th Is The last day for Grapes ---It has been a Unbelievable Season --HOT --Drought --and were still 13 inch behind in rain --I thought the Grape would last only a week or two --But were on our 3rd week
  Our Market Buyers have called and called and we picked and picked to the tune of over 11 TONS OF Grape we Hand packed ---And You Folks kept calling and picking --Theres 6 Days left and were Done For the season 

             Thanks to all my Pickers and All My...
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THERE---!! READY----!! Concords----

September 17, 2016
          Yes The Concords Are Ready----The Sugar Brix Scope says So----Plus Me --MY Wife ----And A Couple of my Picking People --Say So TOO-!!!
    We will be Open for U PICK --->Monday morin 19th at 9.00 am --till you Folks Dont want them anymore -OR Mother Nature says we cant-----
  PLEASE--! I need you to call and give me a time and a day--your coming --Because there aren't whole lot of you folks that come to pick daily--And we have a crew picking - me included for our Acct's 
   CALL ME ON ...
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Sorry Only MOTHER Nature CAN

September 10, 2016
   Hi all--      Thanks for all the calls and the emails asking-- When Are the Concord going to Be Ready--As i said --I THINK Around the 20th Sometime   -- The Grapes need rain --[ we have had very Little ]  to complete the cycle of ripening along with the hot weather --The Grapes are but arent doing there thing totally--We WILL GET THERE ----SUGARS ARE Rising Slowly-- 
  So were get ready makeing packing boxes LOTS   Talking about Boxes --We are not going to have many free boxes for picking f...
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