Well the month has started out with the Table Grapes not having the Sugars as high as they need to be so we could start picking this week------And we had a bad storm go threw last night and snap off 2 Pear Trees and there's a couple Bushel of Pears on the Ground ----Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-----THANKS MA NATURE----!!!    --- But I could be in Texas--and have nothing---Concord Grapes are coming along my guess for U-Pick is about the 24th of the month-----I am still LOOKING FOR Grape Pickers for the Concords ---We Pay Very Well --It would be full time / part time/ on call for about 3 weeks --Email me at    --->>   concord@lembkefarm.com  or  716 640 5614---If anyone it interested---SO THATS THE SCOOP From here--