Hi all--      Thanks for all the calls and the emails asking-- When Are the Concord going to Be Ready--As i said --I THINK Around the 20th Sometime   -- The Grapes need rain --[ we have had very Little ]  to complete the cycle of ripening along with the hot weather --The Grapes are but arent doing there thing totally--We WILL GET THERE ----SUGARS ARE Rising Slowly-- 
  So were get ready makeing packing boxes LOTS   Talking about Boxes --We are not going to have many free boxes for picking finding good free right size boxes are hard to find --So  bring your own containers to pick in to---OR  We have packing boxes like in picture above for $ 2.50 -- We also are still looking for grape pickers to pack into the boxes above --We pay very well -> WAY Above mim Wage-!! 
   Keep a Eye on this BLOG --For Concords --READY  -Thanks     craig