Well--!!   Its The Real Deal ---The National Weather Has Announced that the Month of February 2015 is the coldest February on Record since the Keep of Temperatures since the late 1800's -----We had a low of 28 Below Zero on 2/16/15 with a Wind Chill that Morning of 38 below---- ON Our Weather Station here at the farm----OH It was COLD-------

      We don't know for sure if we have had any Bud damage in the Grapes or the Pear trees---But in a month I willl Take some cane and tree branch samples and sprout them in water in the house and see if we have anything alive in the Buds to make Fruit or if they're DEAD ----  I Hope Not or i will Be Selling Pencils out by the Road ---LOL ---Its not a good Feeling at this Time -----But I'm NOT Happy With Mother Nature----!!!!!!!!    So keep you fingers crossed for us and Ill give you an Updated In March  ------------ THAT's Farmin ----------!