Hello    ALL---

    We Have been on this farm for 36 years--- in all of these years we have had Frost -- Hail --1 Tornado -- Some in-line winds as high as 80 mph----It Is very Hard to GROW Grapes Organically --And Mother A Nature Hasn't been kind this year!

     A record low of 38 below zero this last winter damaged and killed the buds on the Grapes and Pears.   Killing a few Pear Trees and 14 rows of seedless and fancy table grapes.   Everything above ground was killed --But  the good news is most plants pushed up new shoots; but it will be another 4 years before we have another crop on them.

     That's NOT All--------The wet hot humid weather and rain that just doesn't want to stop.   We have had  28 inches for the year so far with 5.11 inches of rain in one day!     Now the Bad News:   The Concord Grapes Have Botrytis Bunch Rot -- The infected berries, shrivel, get hard, & turn black.  But the Plain and Simple fact is--It is a Spore that is hard to control and is around.  It has been a problem for all grape growers this year - Organic & other farms using chemical sprays.

     If you have seen Puff Balls and Mushrooms in your lawn or around your house this year, the conditions have been just right for their growth.  The Black Rot Spore lands on the berry and will infect a few berries on the bunch.  That's when I get out the Hydrogen Peroxide and try to get It under control.  Well I just couldn't get ahead of it this year with all the Rain.  And every time it rained, it spread more spores to the next berry and has infected 85% of all the crop -----So Thanks Mother Nature!

     We will have a Very Spotty Crop  with very few whole Bunches.  Most bunches only have 4-5 Berries ---Not Very Pretty in a Fruit Bowl!       I will Up Date This Blog the 2nd week of September as nothing is completely under control at this time--!!

             THANK AS Aways  ------------craig